AKAMAI Cookie generation
Alright, so we already know that AKAMAI Harvester and cookies are needed for Akamai sites supported by Phasma like Mesh (Footpatrol, JD, Size? & The Hip Store) and Footlocker EU (old regions).
As of now all cookies for Mesh, Footlocker EU and US Footsites are provided by us so no need to generate cookies yourself, this is mainly for educational purposes.
Manual cookie generation tips A lot of people encounter issues with cookie generation and these tricks should make your life easier. 1. Use multiple browsers to generate cookies > Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and such (you can find lots of different browsers if you google a bit).
2. Make sure to use proxies when generating cookies.
3. For platforms like Mesh or Footlocker EU Phasma validates cookies, so it only saves fully functional cookies.
4. Do not spam click button like crazy and just click around as you normally would.
5. You can also use third party auto-clickers for Akamai cookie generation if you’re able to set it up.
Note - if you have issues generating cookies, make sure to check if your proxies are unbanned and alive and also make sure to try all different browsers!
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