Billing profiles creation
When creating billing profiles in the bot, make sure to test them on specific store you’re trying to cook on to avoid any issues with the form and the way information needs to be fulfilled. (Especially on stores like Footlocker EU, Slamjam, Mesh and such).
The best way to test your profiles is to freeze your card and get ‘Declined’ notification that’s how you know payment (with your information) would go through and it’s fine. For sites where you need to manually finish checkout (PayPal) make sure to be able to get PayPal URLs into your Discord webhook.
Example of billing profiles creation in-bot
When creating your profiles in-bot make sure to have everything typed in correctly and as you're requested from Phasma AIO to avoid issues with your billing profiles.
Example of billing profiles creation via .csv file
Make sure to use Rons CSV Editor when creating profiles in .csv file. CSV profiles creation is obviously much faster but it's really up to you what you prefer. Look up to the format of profiles below before creating profiles via CSV. Always make to save your CSV file after you finish changes.
Randomization feature for billing profiles
Phasma AIO introduced name, email and phone number randomization. All you have to do is put in RANDOM when your name is asked, put in [email protected] when your email is asked and also put in RANDOM when your phone number is asked. This is pretty much it, it will randomize name, email and phone number this way.
If you still have any issues with billing profiles creation make sure to open a ticket and we will assist you!
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