Main Menu with explanations

Exit Phasma AIO - pretty self-explanatory.

Start a/all task(s) from tasks.csv - If you use this option your bot will run every single store and tasks which are saved.

Start specific task(s) from tasks.csv - Being used most often probably, Phasma will only run tasks that you choose from the dropdown of saved stores (with tasks created)

Select site from sitelist - only runs tasks from /sites folder with specific store

Edit config.json - you can adjust everything in your config from delays to Discord webhooks.

Discord webhook: IMPORTANT TO SET UP, simply input your discord webhook here to receive checkout links and paypal links.

License key: Simply input your license key here.

QT Bypass: Input true or false, if it's true Phasma will run your quick tasks with bypass mode (Snipes or Solebox bypass tasks for example)

QT Default Payment Method: Input the default payment method you want to run for Quick Tasks

QT Default size: Input the default size you want your Quick Tasks to run for

QT Default tasks: Input the number of tasks you want Phasma AIO to run for QT mode

2Captcha: Input your 2cap API key for captcha token harvesting (Optional) Anticaptcha: Input your anticap API key for captcha token harvesting (Optional)

AYCD Access Token/AYCD API Key: Input your Access Token & API key if you use AYCD AutoSolve for all captcha purposes.

Checkout Delay: Input your checkout delay, it is in seconds so for 2000ms Checkout Delay input 2 Error Delay: Input your Error delay here, it is in seconds so for 2000ms Error Delay input 2

Create new profile - self-explanatory.

Delete a profile - self-explanatory.

Captcha Harvester - opens up manual Captcha Harvester for Mesh and different Cloudflare/Datadome sites.